Here at Gecko we pride ourselves in quality, All our trailers are made from aluminium meaning we can offer a truly strong and yet very light combination no other manufacturer can and offer in the UK. Our largest 10 meter triple axle boat trailer only weighs in at 565Kg meaning it has the biggest payload capacity of any boat trailer manufactured in the UK

We pride ourselves in customer service, if we can help in any way we try to go above and beyond. All our trailers are CAD designed meaning we have a large portfolio range of trailer designs which includes FAE testing so we know all of our trailers come with an unrivalled safety factor. All of our trailers are hand made here in the UK and our team pride themselves with attention to detail. All of our trailer’s chassis are welded together meaning we can offer the top line in strength and rigidity opposed to some other cheaper brands that just are bolted or held together with U bolts. We offer a full Bespoke and Custom service meaning we can make and design exactly how you want it whether it be powder coated, water proof LED lights, alloy wheels, alloy mudguard, wheel sizes etc.

Our trailers are around 35-40% lighter than other UK manufacturers, this means less fuel used when towing, less wear are tear on the towing vehicle, more chance of your car towing your boat with a smaller GVW vehicle. All of our trailers come with a 5 year limited frame warranty (only 1 year for commercial) In most cases our trailers offer more support to your craft from standard then most other manufacturers Easier to handle on or off the car. Fully adjustable bunks, rollers, axle and winch post, meaning it will fit your craft perfectly. All our trailer’s are IVA tested at present (it will under go a test carried out by the DVSA) your trailer meets all current legislation. After March 2017 most of our trailer’s will be type approved.